Simply ways to quell the feels of starting school.

Starting school can feel like big change, and so too can returning to school especially coming to terms with the fact that holidays are now coming to an end.

And YES Parents - it’s normal for you to feel a little worried, sad or uncertain too.

As well as supporting your child’s sense of safety and certainty with routines, here a just a handful of simple ideas to try together to quell the natural mix of emotions.

  • Take a couple of drives past the school and open up a conversation about car parking options, how the first day might look extra busy and noisy, what lunch time and outside play time might look like.

  • Catchup with familiar faces - play at the park/pool with some school mates to help them feel reassured they aren’t on their own heading back to school.

  • Have a practice of packing lunchbox and test out lids.

  • Welcome the little chats with your little one at bed time. Providing positive reminders of your love and support especially in moments that feel messy, uncertain or hard to find the right words.

  • The Sunday before school starts, have a dress rehearsal and get an early “First Day” photo just to take the pressure of the following morning when it is game day.

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