Stress in your family... how to combat this!

Every few weeks I send out an email newsletter to our practice members with little tidbits of information about life, and how to help themselves get the most out of that joy of living. Today was a beauty all about the stress response in your family, and different ways you may be able to combat it.. Check it out here. As you can see below, we will be having slightly altered opening hours for the next few weeks as we all navigate the differences in schooling and homelife balance. We know there has never been a time where the old adage of ... "Work like you aren't a mother, and mother like you don't go to work" has never been more true. Give yourself permission to take that 5 minutes, and do th

New Motherhood in the age of C-19

Sitting here on Easter Saturday, on my front verandah with not many cares in my very small world, grateful AF that I have a healthy family, a stocked fridge, and toilet paper... I've been thinking about all of the conversations I have had this week with new mums or pregnant mums. The age of C-19 has brought with it challenges, and for every demographic in society there are elements of grief that are coming on through. And that is 100% OK, as the social changes we are living with in current times are like nothing our generations have dealt with. In my role, I'm really lucky to spend a lot of time with mums. Being a mum, seeing mums, and journeying with mums on their health and family travels

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