Winter FUN! Winter SUN!

The rise of understanding around Vitamin D, and how it is an essential element to our Immune system is continuing all the time. As we live in Central Queensland primarily, the role of the mild winter can't be overlooked. The role of Vit D on our B-cells, T-cells and antigen presenting cells (these make up our immune cells), means it has the ability to act in a local immune response manner. (Aranow, 2011). What this means is it can modulate the innate and adaptive immune responses. Therefore a deficiency in the Vit D can be associated with an increased autoimmunity and an increased susceptibility to infection. (Aranow 2011). According to Iruretagoyena et al (2015), Vitamin D comes from 3 pot

Immunity Month! Look after YOU!

Welcome to your better IMMUNITY! We are so excited to support you with your immunity through winter this year!! In this time of COVID-19 and the continuing emergence of changes in the south of our great country, I think a bit of a view around the role of the human body and yourself in maintaining your immunity is paramount at this time. We are pretty blessed in Central Queensland to have a mild winter, except for this morning ;), but it does go someway to allowing us to ensure we stay a bit healthier. So here are Dr. Ali's top tips for ensuring the immune health of yourself and your family for the next few months! 1. SLEEP I'm pretty sure that you are sick of me harping on about sleep, b

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