Preparation for Birth + Positive Posture

When will it happen?

What will happen?

How will it happen?

Will it be calm?

What if things change in the process?

Is it happening now??

It is so very natural for mums-to-be to find themselves wondering, planning and imaging their labor.

But labour and birth remains to be unpredictable for every mamma and every birth!

What we know is that preparation is something we do have direct control of and we can begin now to encourage a positive delivery.

There are many positions your baby can be in when you reach full term. All there can be lots of new anatomy words used like posterior, anterior, transverse, occiput, mentum, sacrum and others, to describe the way your baby is presenting.

Naturally all this new terminology, for some mammas, feels a little overwhelming at first.

You can rest assure Dr Ali and Dr Kate are here to help you with your questions and to explain the details in easy to understand and relatable ways - it’s their SUPERPOWER!

Bring attention to your posture is a practical way you can prepare.

The way you sit and the length of time you are sitting impacts your pelvis and the positioning your baby chooses.

Sitting with good posture - sitting up on your boney “sit bones” with your pelvis untucked and tall spine, creates space. And it is this space that encourages baby to settle into a position with their head down.

If you are frequently sitting in a slouch poster - pelvic tucked and shoulders rounded (think sinking into the couch), there is restricted space and less space for baby to move into and comfortably settle into the position of head down.

Helpful Tip - Switch from your usual chair/seat to a birth ball/ fit ball, because the encourage you to be up on your “sit bones” for positive posture.

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