Eat Well at EASTER !

Easter is a great time to get together with loved ones and enjoy some laughs, yummy foods and our gorgeous weather this time of year. But it’s an important to not let the chocolate eggs, bunnies and buns take over your whole diet!

Here are our easy-peasy ideas to welcome into your Easter Celebrations.

Quick raw snacks: think baby carrots, celery sticks, baby cucumbers and beans - all the fun things that go “crunch” with your big bunny teeth! Make them a little fancy - out of the packet into a bowl ready to go in the fridge.

Eat a good brekkie: after the egg-citement of Easter Sunday egg hunts welcome a collective family PAUSE to the chocolate indulgence and fuel up with a well balanced breakfast. Help blood sugar levels and avoid the cravings of less nutritious food choices by choosing oats, eggs, spinach, avocado, sweet potato, seeds, whole-grains, bananas, nuts & nut butter, berries.

Sub out processed easter chocolates with homemade protein balls & bars: there are so many TASTY raw treats out there! We LOVE quick & easy hot cross bun bliss balls - and easter bunny tails -

Tune into signals and moods: “how much chocolate is too much?” The answer is feeling uncomfortably full or sick or no longer enjoying your food while eating it. We know the “sugar-rushes” and “sugar-crashes” will feature at some stage so be prepared to navigate these as best as you can together. Helpful ways might be - bath soaks, day time movies, reading books, lego legends, calm breaths together - inhale for 4, pause, exhale for 4, pause.

Re-think the Easter Basket: consider making healthy substitution for egg overload with non-traditional gifts - books, pyjamas, socks, dress-ups, egg cups, puzzles & games.

Water + Water + Water: keep up your water intake. Not drinking enough water can make you “think” your hungry which could easily lead you to the Easter egg basket. Fill up a bottle and keep it with you.

BONUS TIP - Enjoy your time together and making some wonderful memories these holidays!

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