Men's Health Week - Lets Get Convo's Started!

Men's Health Week is a big deal.... let me tell you WHY?!

Most people see our practice as a women and child focused centre, which is definitely true, but we see lots of men in our practice too. And men support our women, and our women support our men.

So really as we work together in family units to be 'healthy', we can't forget the guys! Coz they are important and they rock too.

Each day this week I'm going to write a little blog post about a part of men's health that I see in practice affecting their ongoing health.

But before I throw in my two cents worth, I'd love it if you could ask a man in your life.... how are you going? How is your health? Are you looking after yourself? How can you/we do it better? Do you need support to get this done in a different way?

I think if collectively we work together, then we can make a change for the future. We don't want our men dropping like flies from stress induced illness, or not prioritising themselves for some exercise, for both physical and mental health. We want it to become a CHOICE to choose health for all family members!

Lets really help our MEN to choose Health this week and every week!

Dr Ali.

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