Motherhood May - You are Brilliant, not Broken!

It's May... seriously where did that first 4 months of the year go? It's definitely a year that seems to drag on one hand, and speed up in others. Kinda like having a newborn isn't it.... each day is slow but the time passes so quickly. Maybe this time is a kind of rebirth for society. At least I hope so, I really hope that we come out of this with a lot more appreciation for the things we love in life... and the things we don't 😂🤪

This month in the practice, we are celebrating all things mothers. Look for a great competition in the lead up to mothers day, but also in a bit more of a reality check of motherhood. I know that we get caught up in the expectation dense world in which we live, and I would love to share some light on the realities of what motherhood really looks like.

So here goes... well its never clean 😂 Lets start there! We all know the reality of motherhood, being about the washing, the cleaning, the cooking and the organising. I think I've tried every type of organiser to get my s..t together, they don't really work. But, you know what did, figuring out what matters most to me, and to each member of my family, and somehow identifying that made it a lot easier to keep on top of it all.

And I believe that identification of yourself within your mothering journey, how that may have changed over the years as you morph from womanhood to motherhood (yep... that Matrescence) term again. The grieving of the pre-kid years, and how that may look like now... you know EVERYONE goes through that. So don't beat up on yourself. And don't beat up on yourself if you race out the door with a sink full of dishes and gross floors... that's just reality sometimes.

Keep an eye on our practice facebook page here, for all things interviews. I will be spending some time with mothers of all walks of life, and sharing their reality with you! Because I love it when mum come into their own, and be themselves. Not an expected, should on version of it.

Happy Mothers Month everyone! Stay well!

Dr Ali.

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