Time... wasting and wasted!!!

Have you ever had one of those days, where you spend much of your time walking around in circles. I saw a great meme for it the other day... go to do a load of washing, see something clean that should of been put away, put that away, your kids room is messy, take a cup to the kitchen, realise you need to wash the dishes.... wash the dishes, take the bin out, get outside, see some weeds in the garden, do some weeding, realise you need to go to the bathroom, head back into the house, on your way to the bathroom, realise you never started the washing.... and it continues.

This isn't unusual, its often part of life... but the danger is that you get to the end of the day "off", and realise you have run around like a headless chook and not actually sat down, or done something to feed your soul.

And this time isn't wasted!

Time... wasting and wasted!!!

I'll say that again... it isn't wasted! It is just time spent on restoring your soul. Maybe you like to read trashy books ( that's me), or you like to sit in the stillness with a cup of tea. Maybe, just like in the image above, you like to immerse yourself in nature and just have some "time" to be. And that ability to do that is a blessing.

Whilst I have personally been focusing on the nutritional side of things in February, I have also been able to start to connect energetically with myself. And I have realised that I had got so caught up in being 'busy' all the time, that I had forgotten how to have non-busy times. In saying that, on my days off during February, I have not had much time to myself... between sick kids and "jobs" to do... but that is all changing this week.

I am so excited to be spending a day wasting time. I will be going for a SUP (weather and tides permitting), take the dog for a run, eat some yummy food and generally read a book on the verandah. And I am giving myself permission to do this.

What are you going to give yourself permission to do differently?

What are you going to start or stop BEING... to open up the possibility of DOING DIFFERENTLY... so you can HAVE the things that you need?

The busy isn't always worth it. Be responsible for yourself. That is the utmost level of responsibility we can have. I'd love to hear what you are doing for YOU!

Happy Friday peeps!

Dr. Ali.

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