Febfast at 11 days... connection to self (the reality)!

So just a quick note.... I've been pretty busy mothering, getting the year started and you know, cooking the food, running a business ... the things!!! And in amongst that business, I decided that FebFast was going to be a great idea. And let me tell you something..... it totally is!

Yep I know... I was a little skeptical that I would last the full distance of the whole no alcohol, no coffee... and yes I am only 11 days in. But let me let you in on a little secret.... I feel soo good! It's not like I drank a lot, but I did love a G&T on a Friday night and a glass of vino with my roast on a Sunday! But coffee... well if anyone knows me well, coffee is my friend.

I always knew that my adrenals are sensitive to caffeine, but this is totally showing me that I function currently super amazingly well without it (well at least with minimal... lets be honest that super warm beverage in the mornings in a decaf is still my friend). I have clarity that I didn't know I possessed, a sense of internal grounding I haven't had in a while... and all in all just a greater level of connectedness.

Maybe for the beginning of a new decade, the fact I turned 40 last year, or that both kids are in school, but the connection is different this year. And the lack of coffee each day is heightening it, rather than taking that away. And that tells me that I am moving up my hierarchy of vitality (remember that thing we talk about at your second visit). Anyway it's a great feeling!

So for me, it has been fabulous. But ALSO.... I know that this weekend i'm off to Melbourne for a board meeting, so I will likely have a coffee and a glass of wine with my folks. And historically, I would of totally beaten myself up about it, because I was FAILING!!!

I know... you've all been there haven't you. But guess what, here's a little secret! You are not failing, you are living and making a choice. Because yes, this is all choice. What we choose to do with our health, and how we choose to make a difference in our life. And if want to go and have a glass of wine with family who you rarely see, then in my book that is A-OK!

For me, I know I will have won when I can turn around on Monday, and know with confidence that I am back and ready to finish out FebFast super strong. And I don't doubt that at all. So who is with me? Is anyone making some different choices that they are happy with. Or looking for some guidance. I'd love it if you let me know!!!

I'll keep you guys updated... onwards and upwards to better health choices!


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