Gratitude - It's our Month of Thanks!

Gratitude and self love, they go hand in hand.

It's really amazing if we can learn to love ourselves and be grateful for what we have and what we bring and the amazing necessities that happen in our body on a daily basis, how we become in awe and amazed a lot more consistency. This is something that I feel we forget about, or we don't get time to process as well as we could in our younger years. And it nearly seems a little bit of a guilty pleasure to be proud of ourselves in a way that promotes our own health and mindset, and well being.

I feel that we forget the magic that we've done as moms to grow humans, and, and regardless of how we birth, and our journey into motherhood, being thankful of the fact that we've grown a human. The honor of being a parent is really amazing.

I also see daily in our practice that we judge ourselves so harshly. There's a lot of self talk that we do with ourselves, that will take away from the ability to be grateful for the amazing things that our body can and does do. I'd love it, if you guys over the weekend could give yourselves the chance to take note of how amazing your body is, and express it verbally or write down what you're grateful for. I'm grateful because my hands and my arms have an ability to adjust people and help change their lives. I'm grateful that I really have a well functioning stomach and a healthy gut system at the moment. So I can try some different foods and my body will adapt to that. Well, I'm grateful that I'm strong in my legs. And I can do squats, burpees and go for a run and my body can adapt to that. And for me that's an amazing thing that I'm really grateful for.

I'd love to hear what you're grateful for about your body, your amazing healing, self regulating body that does awesome this every single day.

Remember, we don't have to tell ourselves to beat our heart and breathe, regulate our movement and respond in our environmental self appropriately. So it's really important to just take a moment and reflect on that. And that kind of practice can be a beautiful thing to bring into your day. That simple awareness can be enough to bring you back into the present, quell those anxieties and concerns about being enough, and get you grounded once again.

It doesn't have to be every day. It may be when you having that five minute cup of tea that I spoke about last week to a group of mums at the library where we just take our time and we sit ... hopefully with a little bit of quiet around us. Incorporating that practice into your day to day can change your health, your outlook and your day. So I'm hopeful that this little weekend reminder about being grateful for yourself and how amazing you are as a human helps to move you through into this last week of August in a really great way.

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